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June 11, 2011

Heading out tomorrow...

My stuff is all stowed and ready to roll.  It seems like forever since I've been on a horse though it has only been a week.  I've never had a ride on the particular trail loop we are doing, have never rode with the person I'm riding with, or trail rode on the horse I'll be on.  Will definitely be a different kind of day. 

It feels as though the gears are grinding emotionally.  Excitement for the potential, and sadness for the horse I am losing to the sport for the most part, happiness that this process will eventually bring me back to riding at least LD's.  I'm a regular shake 'em up drink mixer full of conflicting things today. 

If the little mare tomorrow rides well I will still have some back tracking to do.  Even though she is under saddle I would want to start her out with round pen exercises, establish leadership, and definitely do some despooking exercises with her.  We would need to get her used to the gear that is on-board and the sounds that stuff makes, teach her to like the oral syringe, retrain using a side pull to get some softness and bend, and spend a lot of time just figuring out what makes her tick and what might tick her off.  I've asked the poor owner a zillion or so questions, have researched getting her registration, would need to transition her to booting, determine if our saddle will fit adequately, and then work on some slow miles.  And it's hot outside! *LOL*

Of my looked at equines, this one has come the closest as to attributes I like in a horse.  Even though I've said it a few times this week...say a little prayer that she turns out to be an "adequate" trail horse.  If she is, the other things will happen.  It will just take some time.

And thanks for the tips over at the Haiku Farm


  1. After following the discussion over at Haiku Farm (and attaching myself to someone's computer - instead of using my little cell phone), I wandered over to read some of your posts.

    I love your honesty and that you have several posts that speak to the heart on doing something because you LOVE your horse rather than just the discipline. The horse world needs some more people that think like that -- A LOT MORE...

    I've read all the posts about the little Appy and she sounds really sweet. I love that you said she has a crooked, little scarred up ear...It has been my experience with a lot of animals, that sometimes under a "physical" flaw (that seems everyone notices)is often a heart of gold....perhaps that's a sign :-)

    So- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that all goes well with yor ride tomorrow and you will find a wonderful partner for many years!!


    no matter what happens, Don't give up! there are far more wonderful (undiscovered) horses out there that need good homes than there are good homes for them. You WILL find a good match :)