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June 4, 2011

The Epic Horse hunt: Today we travel to Shelbyville, KY

I still have not been able to work things out to look at the Arabian mare (wildcard).  However I have found a 1/2 arabian 1/2 Kentucky Mt. Pleasure Horse.  He is 14.2 gaited ☺, 7 years old, level II Parelli, and has been used only as a trail horse (only being a relative good thing).  He walks, he trots, he gaits.  The one little bug-a-boo was when I asked how he is at the canter.  She hasn't worked him at a canter as they are "pleasure" riders.  So will the horse have go?  The cross is intriguing, with the potential comfort of a gaited horse, and I'm hoping the toughness of an arabian somewhat bred in.   He is a bay horse, with a lot of white here and there, and a big ski-slope blaze down his face.  The gelding's sire is a well known KMPH Gold Finger's Star pictured below:
Tomorrow I may drive to see the Appaloosa/Arabian mare.  I'd prefer to look at both horses and ride both horses before making any kind of decision for or against.   In the mare's corner is she has a definite motor on her... (and some behavioral kinks), she's also an inch taller, the gelding today has zero vices, but I'm unsure about the willingness and fire to go the distance.  He also is not registered, so if he did not work out and I was looking to resale I'd take a beating as they are firm on price.  The mare is priced right (as far as my budget is concerned), and I think if she didn't work out I could easily get my money back on her.  She is also priced low enough that I could have a trainer work her for a month if need be to get some of the kinks out.

All things considered I like a horse with some spirit and a gas pedal (as well as a responsive set of brakes *LOL*).  The most miserable thing I can think of is plodding down the trail at 3.1 mph, it is akin to having toothpicks shoved under my nail beds. 
So!  Off we go again.


  1. Papers are meaningless unless you plan to do some sort of showing, or the horse is well bred enough to actually reproduce, and has equipment to do so. I sure do not care about papers. You may find the gaited horse can travel over all at a quicker pace for a ride, as they often are more steady paced in gait, than a trotting horse who you walk some, trot some etc.

  2. what a beautiful horse!

  3. did you see this guy:

    Ad says he's 11 though - but sounds great! Although - he should be, given the price! Can't hurt to look, though.

    We're in the thick of farming season here.....but the corn is planted, so that just leaves planting soybeans, and we've got 1/3 of the round haybales baled, and some of the first square bales are cut and waiting to be baled tomorrow or Monday. I have hope that I will get to ride in June!!!

    Been enjoying reading along about your horse-shopping experience. Very very informative - I have really never been through that process.