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May 5, 2011

Today has been one INTERESTING day...

I got a lot of good advice on my two prospects. A very sweet lady offered me the use of her mare for the season. Then I was offered a half-arab (blue list arab stallion X Foundation appaloosa) 5 year old for free.  She was put under saddle, but hasn't been ridden since, but I'm intrigued.  I do like the Arab X Appaloosa crosses.  I also don't bounce so well at 53, but we'll see.   I think she's worthy of taking a look, and the bonus would be if I can no longer keep her the owner would want her back.  Also a very "fast" endurance horse that is egyptian bred was offered to me for sale.  He's an awesome (proven) powerhouse of a horse.  But I feel my riding style and my budget wouldn't work with him, even though it was nice to be offered a shot at him.  She was wondering about Phebes for her little girls, and that would be a very bad idea.  My little girls are thirty and I won't put them on Phebes as when the rubber meets the road she can be unpredictable.
                                           The Sweeps Gelding
                                        Admit it...he's cute....☺

 There is still the sweepstakes gelding (see photo) to look at too.  He is as pricey as I'd dare go...but there is just something about the way he's put together that I really like.  He has that "lanky" look you see on the big anglo's, but he's substantial enough that  a 200 lb man doesn't look like he's on a pony either.  The horse is just over 15.1 hands which is bigger than any horse I've ever I may not be able to get my 29 inch legs up and over! But I still want to look at him. He's been run in a herd and has good horse manners too I am told.
  I'm also considering having a consultation with an equine vet that Nicole has taken Arabee too.  Her practice leans toward performance horses, so I am wondering if she could help me to successfully manage Phebes so that we don't have these medical dramas anymore. Our vet handles equines, but has no familiarity with endurance or the demands or management options. What can I say?  I still love my little stinky pinched nose mare. 

I've cried out my bucket or two of salt water, so what if life isn't moving in the direction I thought it would this year (does it ever?), but might as well squeeze up some lemons and have something sweet come out of it and dammit...I'm determined, that it will.  ~E.G.


  1. Check here too they have nice Arabs for sale. I love to drool over the pictures.

  2. DEFINITELY consult a performance-horse-vet--about Phebes AND about any future horses! You don't have to take their advice, but if you don't ask for it you won't have it.

    I'll betcha Dom can help us find a standie in your area that might be suitable...>g<

  3. Does it ever, indeed! I know exactly what you mean.

    I say test-ride as many horses as you can before you decide!

  4. LIfe is a moving target... that is for sure... glad to see your not giving up on the sport , or Phebes. Hang in there.. something will work out .. and yes, the gelding is a real cutie.. I really like his look...