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May 29, 2011

The Epic Horse Hunt...the saga continues

After I meet the wildcard (arab mare) this horse will be next on my agenda.  The owners are currently vacationing so I have to wait until their return from sunny florida. The good points: This mare is in the age range I wanted (5-10), the height I wanted (14.2-14.3), and also is the one of the crosses I preferred Arab/Appaloosa.  She is under saddle, has had some trail work, but is a little green.  The owner has assured me the horse is a trotting fool, prefers to be in front (that can be good or bad depending).  The vice: When she goes into the canter she will kick out with one leg in a half-hearted buck each, and every time.  My mind is thinking saddle pinch?  Rider balance?  I'll have to see how bad that is.  She also said the mare will occasionally try to do the driving.  She says she can be corrected and all is well, but the mare will occasionally try.  If her good outweighs her bad, I'd probably send her to the trainer I like so much for a month of working on gait transitions.  She just went to a despooking clinic, and has been learning drill team with flags.  The rider is an older lady (uh...about my age) that prefers her gaited horse and a more sedate pace when riding.  The mare is barefoot.  I like to try a horse bare so I know the real condition of the hoof.  Are they ouchy over rocks? Do they want off the trail and onto the grass?  It will probably be two weeks before I get a look at her. 

In the meantime I've been riding Phebes.  She is doing great!  We've been cantering more and walking and stretching a lot.  She was floating through the woods like a ghost today, it was awesome.  Trees, and trail, and wind, and horse...can it get any better than that?  Muscle tone has been good, so far.  I love my Phebes, warts and all. ~ E.G.

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  1. NICE mare!!:D

    TAZzy also does the 'one legged kick out' She has ALWAYS done this & still does on occasion. I've always known it's her way of expressing that she's having FUN! She's a character! Her long ole ears will curl inward & she'll shake her head... I know it's coming! Silly Mule :D