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May 13, 2011

As interesting days go...I've had another one.

What follows is the "shopping list" for an endurance prospect:

5-7 years old

14.3-15+ hands
No history of injury, not on any medication .

A complete history of any illness .
Well under saddle .
Slow trail experience .
Calm & sane (not a reactive type horse) .
All the gears working, walk, trot, canter.
Road safe yep.
Easily loaded, unloaded, and transported on a trailer.
Eats and drinks out on trail.
Good with hoof trimming and handling.
Horse must be willing to go out on trail ALONE without support of other horses.
Registration papers up to date.  (To confirm age because I'm not good at that).

Arab crosses I would consider are Standardbred, Appaloosa, Gaited breed, and


I can offer this horse a good home and good care. Talk to me if you have what

I'm looking for.

 (just so you know, don't EVER offer a horse you want to buy a good home, it really ticks people off...) Who knew!

This post stirred up a bucket crap on an Indiana trail riders forum today.  And I was P-O'd most of the day.  Having later put it and the "folks" into context, Phebes and I went trail riding.  We are up to an hour and a half at pleasure pace without issue.  It was really good for her to walk a while, munch some grass a while,  cross a cold flowing creek, and scrabble up a sand bar.  We had fun.  Phebes deserves that and by jiggity SO DO I.

Tomorrow I test ride the first gelding...


  1. After having done the "horse hunt" for five years & five prospects -- I found it easier to "build my own" :-)
    Healthy, sane & go from there!

  2. Really? Offering a good home is a bad thing?

  3. I'm with HHmstead: since you train your horse every single day anyhow, I'd rather start with one that is green or mostly green.

    I admit: it's nice to not be the "first one up." But every time you interact with a horse you teach it something, so why not teach it what you want it to know, without having to un-teach what somebody else taught?

    (Teaching Fee to carry a rider was EASY. Un-teaching her the bad manners she picked up before I got her = really, really difficult)