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April 4, 2011

The Squealing, threatening to kick horse episode.

"See this? Come on...make my day."

Usually flapping large birds are our high risk activity when riding solo in the woods.  Yesterday it just so happened that it was a group of other horses that nearly upset the the day's apple cart.  We were nearing the end of our ride when we caught up to a group of three horses.  The male rider ahead courteously asked if we would like to go around.  I respond, "that would be great, thank you."  So we attempt to proceed past them when all hell breaks loose.  Two of the three horses are pinning their ears and wanting to kick her, rumps start pointing our way...Phebes gets reasonably defensive as she has two monster horses, one on either side taking aim at her.    This was also the point in the ride that she had pretty much decided she was over it.   Let's say that this episode restored her urge to go.  Once finally past them we put it into high drive and got the heck out of there!  Later after we were back in horse day parking the group came in behind us.  The started loading their three horses into a two horse bumper pull trailer (being pulled by a truck not nearly large enough to tow three horses.  More horse squealing.  One stepped out of the trailer while tied to the inside...I thought omg! train wreck coming here, and I told LSEGH that I could not watch, I just felt sick in the pit of my stomach.  Thankfully after the initial pull back panic the driver was able to get the horse back into the trailer.  Then they shut the walk up ramp door thingy and it took two of them to squish it shut.  Can you imagine the ride in that trailer stuffed in like over fed sardines?  Made me happy for my little old roomy steel trailer.  People are surely amazing.  ~E.G.

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  1. EG, Oh, that sounds scary, with Phebes between two agressive horses! Glad you both got back safely. You're a good team!