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April 9, 2011

Rain, rain, go away....I'll kick myself for that come August

We had thunder boomers half the day today.  The little streams were all flash flooding.  So all is back to being a sea of mud, once more.  So I opted out on riding and tried to organize the horse trailer again.  LSEGH fixed the divider creep through issue between the horse/human compartments.  I got my curtain hung so that I can utilize some of the trailer space while at a ride once the poop pile is removed.  But organization, well-I just don't seem to have the nack for it.  I know I have too much stuff, but when you are going for several days, you want to make sure you have spares in case you break, lose, misplace, or forget something.   Maybe I'll eventually get where I can feel that less is more.  After the mud today I've about talked myself into not putting the carpet down.

We also went out and got the temporary pasture up and running.   Not much grass in there, but enough to occupy them so that grass can begin growing in the winter lot which has been eaten to the ground.  The pasture itself is not quite ready, so we've been moving them from little place to little place to give it time to grow some more. 
The rest of the  horse plan today involves shedding out my horse.  She is getting there but a good brushing should help things along. 

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