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April 10, 2011

The rain did indeed go away and it is hot enough to run A/C

Indiana weather , you just gotta love it (or not).  We went from snow last week to almost 80 degrees, and humid today.  I took Phebes out for some hill work and she was really struggling with the added temperatures.  She and I are such weenies, we are happiest at 45-70 degrees.  But I did have the foresight to give a half dose of electrolytes before we went out for our session, and she drank three times which has to be a new world record for her.   Today I used about a 1/3 dose of Endura-Max using G-3 Gatorade as the carrier.  She seems to like this.  I usually use our own stuff but I've packed it, and it wasn't handy.

Other than the warm temperatures our ride today went pretty well.  It was very windy which usually makes her kind of nutty.  We did our five cantering intervals which are short, but moderately fast, and mostly slogged up slippery hills, and down slippery hills.  She was wet all over with sweat, so I guess it qualifies as a workout.  I wasn't sure how long to work today.  Want to keep her moving, but she's starting to lose weight and I don't want her to be all used up before we even get there.  I'll give her tomorrow off since it is going to pour rain again, and do a little workout with her on Tuesday, maybe just schooling.  No time to ride her on Wednesday, and we'll ship out of here Thursday or Friday depending on the weather man I guess.  ~ E.G.

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