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April 8, 2011

The Living Quarters from Hell

Over the winter months I developed one of my infamous "plans" to do some redecorating in the horse trailer and generally get things more functional and organized.  Pretty wasn't even in the picture, just neat, clean, organized.  On the list were:

Raising my cot so gear can fit underneath.
Putting down a wooden strip between the horse compartment and my area to keep the horse poo and bedding from finding its way under the dividing wall which has a two inch gap on the bottom.

Getting plastic drawer units for my "kitchen" stuff.

Put a wire across with a curtain of sorts so that I can use the back of the trailer if I like for a place to wash off, and put the hay and stuff so it is all out of my way except when I need it during the ride.

Let me say I've nearly given myself a hernia and heat stroke today just trying to clean out some of the stuff so I can sweep the floor.   At this point I do have drawers, but they aren't very organized.  I do have hooks in place to put a wire on to hang a curtain of sorts, of which I have none.  The strip to go under the divider is "pending."  What was I doing all winter???

Today I've taken up the carpet and dragged (?) it to the porch for vacuuming.  I swept the trailer out with a broom, then mopped.  When I went back out a fine layer of dust had settled over everything...w..t..heck!  The washer had been running non-stop all day.  I did at least buy towels and sheets for the trailer that belong in it, and not in the house.  The food tote is indoors awaiting food.  My ride clothes are packed but I've decided I'm pretty well screwed if it gets HOT, so I'd better be buying a couple of sleeveless something or others this weekend.  My shorts that I packed away in the fall have gone AWOL.  Can't find 'em.  Tore up the closet looking for them, haven't a clue.  So I have clothing for 45-60 degrees ready to roll.  It will be 78 degrees this weekend, no forecast for next yet.  I see Wal-Mart in my near future and I detest Wal-Mart.   Saddle pads are drying as I type, and hoof boots are spinning in the washer.  I have not developed a menu for the weekend, and I'm a complete disorganized MESS.  It usually comes together but today has been something else!  Hope some of you are adding to your horse/rider mileage totals this weekend.  We plan to ride conservatively between now and next weekend.   ~E.G.


  1. Everyone keeps trying to tell me that I will eventually upgrade, but you are convincing me that keeping things simple is the way to go.

    I just sweep out the horse quarters and setup the cot and sleeping bag. I've got a propane heater for the cold nights, a book light that I clip onto whatever metal part I can clip to. My idea of fancy is a $3 carpet that I put next to my cot so I can put my bare feet on the floor without getting horse poop on them. :-)

    My favorite part is taking a nap in my open trailer on a warm sunny afternoon before the ride or while waiting for awards. :-) I just drop down the ramp, open the doors and it's almost like sleeping outside.

  2. P.S. Good luck this weekend!

  3. EG, You did a terrific job cleaning out the trailer! You should get an award! Hope you have a great ride!