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April 12, 2011

Honestly, getting ready is harder than actually doing a ride.

After a short pleasure ride today I set to cleaning my saddle, and tack.  The tools of the trade vary from a scrub brush for the stirrups, saddle soap and oil for the saddle, to the stuff you use on the car dash to brighten up her biothane items.  That and a lot of plain old soap and water.  The forecast is for rain, so I'm trying to get an extra blanket and extra saddle pad clean and dry.  Twelve hour work day tomorrow.  I've worn myself out.

Lida, the breakfast drink actually sounds good.  I'm going with that and breakfast bars. 


  1. second that... Good luck at the Chase...I am living vicariously through you.. since I haven't even logged a single stinking mile this season yet!

    Are you going to using your Euro??

  2. Jonna,

    I haven't been able to work out my rider issues so using the Crestridge this weekend. Hoping when the leather seat comes I'll feel more comfortable in the saddle. If that doesn't do it I'll have to sell it at a loss. I've tried everything I can think of and just can't get off the rise of the saddle. The seat space just seems much smaller than my crestridge even though both are 15 inch saddles. Still hoping I can work things out, but if not...well, such is life. ~E.G.

  3. Saddles... the on-going dilemma of riders everywhere...

  4. I use chocolate "Ensure", doesn't taste too bad & sure gives that energy boost to get you through those first miles!