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April 6, 2011

Goal setting for the upcoming ride.

It seems like everytime I go to a ride I have some kind of drama.  Either it happens at the ride, or it happens back home which effects my experience before, during, or after.  My first time out things were going great (I thought).  We were riding the pace at which we'd trained for most of the long cold winter.  My horse had a serious tie-up.  I was devastated, moritfied, humbled, humiliated...mostly not good stuff!  Second ride I believe I had to go home and put my boxer girl dog down.  Third time out, the neighborhood stray which delighted me, and I fed and loved on whenever she came to visit was found mortally injured, and she too died.  Fourth ride, I got turned around and followed the ribbons on the wrong side, and my horse wasn't rating and was a sweating MESS.  I also made the wrong decision to try and leave with the front runners, blow off a little steam, and then drop back into an empty pocket and stay there.  Well I ended up front running the wrong way.  It was embarrassing, humbling, aggravating, and my horse I was unwilling to have her repeat miles because I'm a rattled idiot.  I get back for the vet in and to tell them I was off trail so to speak only to be told by my husband that my daughter was in the hospital and I had to break camp, pull the horse, and leave.  Fifth competition I had the bumble bee incident on day #1, and ranting 50 miler incident on day # 2.   So I have made my goal for Chicken Chase ride attempt Six:

  • NO FREAKING DRAMA (here, there, anywhere...)
  • COMPLETE THE LD (in the right direction)
  • RIDE BY MYSELF  (even if I have to get off and remedial train)

There!  I've said it.   Let it be spoken, let it be done.  ~E.G.


  1. It'll be OK - just remember to breathe!

  2. Sounds like a solid set of goals :) Good luck.

  3. We're rooting for you, and will be waiting for a drama-free ride recap!

  4. These seem like excellent sensible goals! Now GO KICK BUTT!!

  5. Here is my wish for you & Phoebes:
    "Don't worry, be happy."

  6. Those are my wishes as well! I am about to do my first endurance ride (LD) in a year and a half (shattered my leg).) Last time I attempted this ride my mare had a complete flip out and tried to murder the vet, didn't even vet in. Mortifying!!! Especially since the vet seemed to think that I knew she would act that way and drove 3 hours to the ride ANYWAY. Um. No. SO. My little gelding and I are off to the race to hopefully hopefully redeem ourselves. Fingers crossed! Good luck to you as well!

  7. EG, Well, you've already had the worst happen, so this has got to be better!! Good luck to both of you!!