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April 2, 2011

Geez....we have issues to solve on the new saddle.

I've got the fit okay I think.  Her sweat pattern was even, and she was forward, maybe a little too forward.  I got the clips sewn to my pommel bags so that is working now.  Love the front packs, just so more easy to use.  But the saddle has a couple of issues. One is where the billets are riveted on the left side.  One of the rivets isn't flush and the leathers catch on it really bad at the canter.  We in fact can't adequately canter it is such a bad problem.  The other is an even worse problem.    I'm very short legged.  I think we can hammer down those rivets and put sheepskin over the leathers and cure the first problem.  I'm not even sure wearing my half chaps will fix the second problem though.  I might have to resort to duct tape over my sock with the half chaps over that.  After closer examination it wasn't the billet buckle at all, rather it is the edge of the skirt.  Same problem I originally had in the Crestridge, same leg, only lower as the skirting is longer on this saddle.  So I'm going to try half chaps tomorrow.  If that doesn't work I'll oil it and bring it into the house and work on the leather to get it to curve away from me, that worked on the Crestridge, just took some effort.   So far don't feel adequately balanced, but that is getting better slowly.  Feels like I am having to learn to ride again.  I ended up with my leathers in the front position, it was the only way I could myself back onto my butt.  Will try to get out for some flatter work tomorrow.  Sure wish the deep mud would come to an end.  ~ E.G.


  1. A few riders remove the stirrup leather set screw all together and let the stirrups float. Might try that.

    Fenders are an option if you still have rubs/catching

    A really easy way to check fit is take a large white dish towel, or white towel, or piece of sheet. Place on horse, and then saddle up, no pad, and ride a bit. Then pull saddle, and look at dirt pattern on cloth from the horse. (works well with dirty horses!) A nice dirt area shaped like your saddles fitting pads is what you want. Look for really dark areas of dirt, or areas that are clean, indication too much pressure, or any any contact

  2. I feel your pain on the saddle fitting - I don't like fiddling like that either! Glad you figured out what's rubbing a hole in your leg; hopefully knowing is most of the battle here :)

    I love the new anime-style Phoebes. Especially the angry Phoebes who does. not. like. saddles!