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April 25, 2011

Filing a Protest

I thought in light of a recent discussion I'd write a post on filing a protest with the AERC.  No I don't have one, and personality is such that someone would have to be in serious danger or at risk of injury before I'd even contemplate a protest.  Not that you don't hear or see behavior that you just wish would go away, but let's face it, I'm riding for completions so for someone to mess up my ride they'd have to really work at it (ie. be riding in the back or spend an hour waiting on me).  Some people ride for points and placement.  They put a lot on the line with each ride, and seriously, if you want awards in this sport you are going to spend some money.  Ride entries, gas, veterinary expenses (blah blah blah   blah blah).  So if I had a very competitive horse (with the physiology and mental capacity to back it up) I guess my rides would be important to me in a different way.  My placement would really matter as I set out to win year end, regional or other awards.  So if someone in the top ten was cutting trail, and I could prove it (harder than you think to prove something) and it would effect my placement I'd might consider a protest.  If another competitor place me and / or my horse in real danger of injury I'd might consider it.  But in the real world where I putt putt along down the trail highly unlikely.  But just in case you ever feel you need to here is what you do.

First download a protest form here: 
Protest Form

You have up to 30 days after the ride to get this form and the fee to the AERC. Fill out your form and include a fee of $150.  You may not protest having been annoyed (thank God as Phebes and I have probably annoyed a few ...) What you can protest is a breech of AERC rules.  So it is important to present evidence (not he said she said) that a specific rule was broken, with witness signatures, what happened, who it happened to, etc.  You also have a right to appeal the ruling if it does not go in your favor but that will
require a filing fee of $250 and the filing of this form:
Protest Appeal

Just so you know....and just sayin'....but my "free t-shirt" ain't worth no $400 in protest fees even on a good day!  Thankfully most stuff we'd get our drawers in a twist over doesn't happen very often.  I've completed six or seven LD's on Phebes so far and I've only had two incidences of aggravation, and by and far people have been really nice, and have went above and beyond in their helpfulness.  But I am thinking I might develop my own "protest" form here at Endurance Granny.  You fill out the form, make your protest, paypal me a nominal fee of $25 and I'll make a judgment call on the protest.  See?  I can save you money *LOL*.

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