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April 8, 2011

Breakfast on ride day.

My menus are usually pretty simple.  Sandwich, pickle, potato salad or such.  If I'm feeling really motivated I'll heat up a can of stew.  If not, peanut butter sandwiches with honey.  But breakfast on ride day?  It elludes me.  I'm not a morning person.  Moving around in the dark makes me a little dizzy and queasy.  I've tried cereal for the breakfast, and it never holds me.  I come in at half way on a sugar low and I'm not nice when my blood sugar plummets.  I'm so bad that LSEGH has pretty much banned sugary foods in the morning here at home.  Feed me pancakes with syrup and it will be an ugly weekend.  Last time we went to a competition I boiled eggs, peeled them, and had them in a little plastic container.  It seemed to hold me over better, but they sure didn't go down good first thing in the morning.  Another morning I tried boiled eggs and a protein drink.  The result was good, but I sure didn't like eating it.  What goes down good without any cooking?


  1. Quiche! It's better if you can warm it up somehow, but it's really not bad cold. You can hold it in one hand while you're doing something else, and you can eat it fast and get a lot of calories per bite.

  2. I was hoping you were going to suggest a brilliant idea! I've always been terrible about meals at competitions. I'm so nervous that I just can't seem to make myself settle down enough to eat. About the best I usually do is one of those energy granola bar type things. I don't know why I make things so difficult for myself all the time!

  3. Chocolate power bars. They're easy to eat, don't require cooking, keep forever, AND FIT IN MY CHAPS!!! But I'm weird.

  4. I was just gonna say Quiche and saw I am not the only one. SO easy to make ahead of time, cut and wrap in individual pieces. If you do not have a nuke to warm it, I bet you can find someone who could. Make it with what ever you want in it.

    Many can not eat n the morning because they are nervous. The more rides you do, the less nervous you get, and the easier to eat breakfast.

    If in a hurry, I will just drink an ensure and eat a banana.

  5. I just do a class of V8-V fusion fruit juice in the morning with maybe a chewy bar (or a chocolate power bar like Dom says). They are both easy, quick and work for me, but then again normally my 50 mile ride 50 consists of a fiber bar, some cheese-its and water at the main Vet check and just some chips at the small checks...

  6. I really like Kashi bars. They are high in protein and lower in sugar than most comparable bars and have less junk overall. I always have one in my saddle pack in case my energy dips on a ride. Or what about some peanut butter (I prefer the all natural without sugar) on an apple. That should give you some good protein and some slower burning carbs from the apple. And what you can't finish you can share with Phoebes. :-) Nuts of any kind would be good. Or how about some cheese on whole wheat crackers. If you have a way to keep milk cold. A protein shake would be good as well and if you are having trouble eating, drinking is usually easier. I really like Jay Robb's whey protein powder. The vanilla and chocolate are really good. And it uses stevia instead of regular sugar. I would think a protein shake and a banana (or other piece of fruit) would hold you for a while.