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April 28, 2011

And the Weather for today is....

April 16 RAIN
April 17 RAIN
April 19, 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27 RAIN
April 28, Guess what?  It's gonna rain.   We've had 13 INCHES of rain for the month of April.  Can you imagine what trail conditions will be like?  We haven't hit a lick of work since the Chicken Chase on the 16th. 

***breathing into a paper bag***  (this is really getting to me).  ~  E.G.


  1. I haven't been on Mika since the Chicken Chase either. My poor horses have dry land only under their lean to. I feel really bad most of their turnout area (a supposedly dry lot and my riding arena) is under water but I can't do anything about it. It's not rainy today but I have class.

    We're supposed to be breaking some record set back in the 1800s for rainfall in Indiana. Ugh. No more please!

  2. My dad says they got 10 inches last night in north MS. It's just mindbogglingly rainy in the East.

    We got a dusting of snow last night :) At least you're getting rain and not snow, right?

  3. Agreed. The rain can stop! Remember when people were complaining about the drought (not me as I loved the dry trails!). I was hoping to get Doc in shape for Top of the Rock, but things are looking bleak at this point. I don't think I can do it in 5 weeks with everything else that is going on in May. Oh well. Maybe I will get to ride in the Fall. I have the Sept Cracked OAATs ride on my calendar. Crossing my fingers for that ride. Maybe I can do some ACTHA rides this summer instead.