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March 4, 2011

The Yearbook Issue

I was just irrationally excited to get the Yearbook Issue of The Endurance News today as it lists everyone in the region's rider mileage and equine mileage totals.

Everyone except my poor little Phebes who really does have a whopping 145 LD competition miles.

I'm going to shuffle off to my room now.  My dog has died, I've had a virus for the past five days, the car broke down (all this week).  I survived.

But this...I DUNNO....

If I move out west will somebody claim me? *LOL* 

I finally found her listed in the Central region!  I don't want Phebes living there.  But I bet the people are really nice as they did include my little horse ☺.  I guess I'd better contact the AERC and let them know where Phebes lives!



  1. just a phone call should fix it! I've barely looked at the March glad the weekend has arrived!

  2. Hahha, I love the Yearbook issue too! It's ridiculously exciting for me to see 85 whole LD miles next to mine and Dixie's names. I'm glad Miss Phoebes is there somewhere!

  3. Jacke, I'm so sorry they misplaced your sweet Phebes! Poor thing, you are really having a run of tough luck- hang in there, spring is coming!