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March 26, 2011

Ohio Beginner's Endurance Riding Clinic

Kind of funny I was just wondering a day or so ago why you don't see more of these, and then I find one.  Ask and you shall receive!   Info follows:

5/21 ENDURANCE & CTR CLINIC, Misty Ridge Farm (15 mi. south of Cincinnati. 5210 Owl Creek Rd, Camp Springs, KY 41059. Everyone welcome but geared to beginners! Contact Mollie Krumlaw-Smith or Maureen Fehrs, DVM


  1. Are you going to go? I actually don't have anything planned that day.

  2. No...I'm not going. I've been to that clinic before and it wouldn't be new info for me, though it is a good clinic. I need a "problem solving" clinic! They went through what happens at a ride, basic info on what to expect, and how to condition. The difference between CTR and Endurance. An endurance barn / trainer would be my dream situation....but that ain't happening!