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March 31, 2011

The Euro has landed....

Phebes: "I don't know about this. It sure looks like a saddle."

Tomorrow I will begin fitting the Euro, cleaning my stuff from the Crestridge to go on the new saddle.  By looking at it, I'm thinking it will be fine width-wise, but getting it on her will tell the tale on that.  I will say the saddle is beautiful and of nice quality leather.  It is actually much nicer than pictured on the websites.  Lighter than my current saddle by about ten pounds I'd say.   It came with the black fleece seat on it because the blue suede is on back order.  I've written Trailwise where I purchased it to see if I can perhaps just keep the black fleece.  I think I like it well enough to not care about the color (though wouldn't that be a neat option to get the cool back toklat style fleece in colors?)
I'm beat and tomorrow is another day!



  1. That's so exciting! You'll have to post pictures of it on Phebes when you get a chance.

  2. EG: I'm selling my BLACK leather Euro seat because I got a purple one. Make me an offer, I'll probably accept it.

    I know it isn't blue, but it IS nice to have it as an alternative to fleece when you know the rain will be falling heavily....