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March 18, 2011

Ack! Rain

It was warm today with some intermittent showers.  LSEGH
was slaving away at the factory to keep the furballs in hay.  So I worked in one of my flower beds moving some iris plants from my defunct commercial bed.  Some of these plants I crossed myself and didn't want to lose them.   Morning became afternoon. Covered in mud and sweat I thought I'd better scrub it off and get some errands done.  By the time I got home it was after 3 p.m.  I'm thinking it looks pretty good outdoors, and I should be able to get in an hour of schooling after my hubby gets home.  He arrives, and I go out and tack up.  Thought it was a good opporunity to see if the new hack set up would fit.  Much nose snarling went on with that process to discover I would have to remove it and put the old one on until I can get some more holes punched for her tiny little head to fit it.  So I bridle her again, and start some schooling exercises.  She starts half-passing like she has power steering, she picks up the canter a few times, we trot some figure eights, and the sky opens on us.  Session over.   Boo rain and thunder. ~E.G.

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  1. EG, Well, you tried, you really did. I'm sorry your work session was interrupted by rain (you've had more than your share of it lately!). Please tell me how to get a horse half passing like they have power steering! LOL! I'd like my horse to do that!