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February 12, 2011

Ordered My Specialized Saddle Fit Kit

LSEGH ordered a FIT KIT for me for Valentine's Day ♥. 

I've emailed the company with a list of questions concerning what type rise is available on  the saddles.  Also traded a few emails with Aarene and a lady from the SE region who let me test ride her saddle at the Chicken Chase last year.  I've wanted a Eurolight ever since, but thought to save money by going with an english saddle which no matter how much I try I don't feel good using it.  In fact, I just detest the feel of an english saddle, I feel no contact with the horse, besides the discomfort issues I have with it.  So I am tentatively hopeful of realizing my want for a Specialized. 

Some of my questions for the company were related to the rise on endurance seat vs. western.   I thought Aarene's looked like the endurance seat, and the saddle I rode the owner thought was an endurance style rise which is a supposedly a bit flatter.  I have questions about getting a saddle with bars wide enough, hence the FIT KIT.  I don't need stirrups as I can just take mine off the Crestridge.  The actual seats come in an array of pretty colors now in leather or suede rough out.  You can get royal blue, red, purple, and I think bright yellow, or you can have the sheepskin seat in natural or black.  Since I have a nice sheepskin cover I'm leaning towards something "colorful."  I also had questions concerning the number of dees on the saddles, how long it will take to have it made, and what type of post purchase service would we have if I need a repair done at some point.  Once I've done the fitting, the kit goes back to the company, and they will set up her new saddle so it will be ready to throw on her back when it gets here. The worst required of me might be a little shimming. 

Cautiously hopeful that this can happen this year...

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