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February 15, 2011

I think I love my newbie-ness ☺

It's funny sometimes how folks on the internet can sure get their panties in a twist. Especially if you are new to a discipline, and even more so if you are so excited that you might think that change is good! It's not all bad though, as the "real" people at "real" endurance rides have a way of getting into your blood. Last year it comes to mind when Velvet, a total stranger from another region threw her expensive saddle on my horse and said "go take it for a ride." That is the fun of riding Limited Distance/Endurance rides. People can be so open, and helpful. You wouldn't know it from my blog, but I'm a highly introverted person. Shy in social settings which makes friend making and fitting in at rides difficult. I'm always so thrilled when someone says hello, or asks me about my horse, or offers suggestions on a better or an easier way. It is funny that people don't know me at rides yet, but if they spot my horse trailer...suddenly they KNOW me. " You're Endurance Granny" they say and I have to smile really REALLY big. Yes, I am. I love my newbie-ness, the mystery of the trail, the level of horsemanship required for this sport, the fact that it is a big learning curve, and that sometimes it is just dumb luck that gets a newbie through the day. I think sometimes of attempting the longer distances. Someday I'll give moving up a shot. But right now I'm happy with right where we are, and the direction we are going. Phebes I hope is my "life" horse. I want us to continue growing together, warts and all, pushing our limits without breaking anything, or anyone hopefully! I've been in total horse BLISS the past few days, and came to the conclusion today that I ride a very smart horse. She is sensitive and has a lot of try, among other attributes. Phebes is the horse that I've made her, including those warts. I'm trying to remember this year that she has been trained by a newbie. Her shortfalls actually belong to me, as do her good qualities. I'm looking forward to Saturday for a half day of intensive work, and a helpful lesson plan to keep us focused until the next one. Spring right around the looking good, can't wait to start back on the long miles. ~E.G.


  1. Haha, you must be reading Ridecamp. Honestly I hardly ever read it anymore - they get so intense about stuff that it just freaks me out.

  2. Sounds like a friendly community. That would definitely make things more fun. I'm really an introvert too. I can talk a blue streak but get very quiet in groups. Anything over 2 is a group. LOL

  3. You don't say, or I didn't read far enough to see when you started, but I love your blog! Good for you, putting things right up front! This will be my 16th season & I'm still learning, which is part of what keeps me "hooked"!

  4. HHmstead,

    I've been at this thing for several years, but have only 5 actual rides (on two different horses) under my belt as yet. I'm set on doing this sport on my little mare no matter HOW SLOW we must go :) It took awhile for me to really get that as I didn't understand what slow meant. I was reading written resources and trying to keep it slow, but it turned out that Phebe's slow and everyone else's slow are not the same! We are gradually working stuff out and I'm so eternally grateful that spring is right around the corner to begin again ☺

  5. Jacke, This is a lovely post. It's nice that you encounter such nice people on endurance rides! But what really struck me as an amazing insight is when you talk about Phebes, and how her shortfalls are your shortfalls. That is so revealing to me and gives me a whole new perspective on things "I wish my horse did/ did better." I need to work on them, and turn them into strengths. Thanks for this eye opening insight!