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January 22, 2011

The Ride Calendar is very "weird" this year for the MW

Especially those rides closest to my area.  We have The Chicken Chase in April.  This ride is usually a 3 day pioneer, and this year has downgraded to a 2 day (25 LD vs. 30 LD last year).   Then in May?  Nothing at all close unless I can hitch a ride and split gas with someone to go to either Cadiz, KY or Hesperia, MI.  The KY ride is a 4+ hour drive, and the MI ride is 6+ (thinking of fuel $$$).  It seems that everyone wanted their rides in June this year.  Top of the Rock is June 3rd and 4th.  Maumee is June 17th and 18th, Scioto is June 25th, and 26th.  That is a lot of riding jammed into one month, especially if you want to do multi-days.  July is a wash as I'm just not wanting to travel that far, as is August unless I could beg a ride to Shore to Shore which is on my wish list to ride this seven day back to back ride "someday" (not likely this year due to the gas $).   We usually have the Salamonie Sizzler in July here, but it didn't go well last year with low attendance as it poured buckets of rain all weekend.  Wish they would have it in September this year.  Cave Country Canter hasn't been posted on the ride calendar yet either which has been held in September in the past as well.  Our weather here is pretty decent usually in November, it would be awesome if we could have a ride somewhere close then.  So my season will so far look like:
April: Chicken Chase (IN)
May :
June: Top of the Rock, Maumee (IN), Scioto (adding this seems like too much as I want to do multi'days).

July: Lessons
August: Lessons
September: Cracked Oaats Crunch (OH)
October:  Spook Run (IN)
December:  Not sure I'd do a ride in December unless there was shelter available for my horse overnight.  I can't leave her out in the wet/cold and then ride her all day...if the weather was forecast alright where I could blanket her  and know she'd be warm and dry, I'd think about it.

I sure hope a ride crops up for the months of May and November as I don't really want to do three in June.  Maybe when OAATS gets its ride schedule up I'll find something within a reasonable driving distance. ~E.G.


  1. I saw the cracked OAATs Crunch is in mid September. If I had more vacation time, I would be up for heading down to KY, but most of those rides are too far and I would have to take extra time off work.

    I would love to do one of the Biltmore rides someday. :-)

  2. Lida, where are finding the Cracked OAATs Crunch? I can't find a 2011 schedule for OAATs yet.

  3. Nevermind...I am delirious from the snow. Truly delirous.