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January 17, 2011

Recommended Reading

It has been several years since I've read these books but I found them touching, insightful, and sometimes hilarious.  Mark Rashid is a master horseman and these books chronicle his learning curve from the beginning.  You will see your's and other's mistakes through fresh eyes that look at things for the perspective of communicating with the horse.  I love them and think that you will too.

Check out these titles:

Considering the Horse
A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color
Horses Never Lie
Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse       



  1. I was fortunate to encounter Mark Rashid back in 2004 when I was rethinking how to work with horses. I've had the good fortune to ride with him on a number of occasions since, including two week-longs in Colorado, and I'm taking two horses to one of his clinics in May in Wisconsin. His way of thinking and approaching the work with the horse have completely transformed what I do and how I do it to the great benefit of my horses and my horsemanship.

  2. Mark Rashid has written a few more books HORSEMANSHIP THROUGH LIFE, BIG HORSES, GOOD DOGS & STRAIGHT FENCES, WHOLE HEART, WHOLE HORSE, A LIFE WITH HORSES (which was more like a coffee table book) and the book that Kathleen Lindley wrote, after spending a year with Mark Rashid. That book is called IN THE COMPANY OF HORSES.
    I agree with all that you said. They are funny, provocative, not in a dirty way, they really make you think about how you relate to the horse, in a way that respects the horse, safeguards his dignity and you never ask him to be more than what he is.
    I really enjoy his style. He doesn't make you feel bad. On the contrary, you read his books and you feel good, hopeful and looking forward to anything that is thrown your way.
    Thanks for making me think about all of this and I really like your blog.
    Ralph Suarez

  3. Jacke, These sound like great books to read! I'll have to get them. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I have really enjoyed his books as well! Would love to watch him in action some day!