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January 31, 2011

Now we prepare for 1-2 inches of freezing rain...

Now really, how does one prepare for that?  We lost power last night and had to call in an emergency service from an electrician, only to find out that the problem was at the pole outside, so then the power company had to be called.  We slept from 2 a.m. until 4:40 a.m. (feeding time for the horses).  We heat with electric, so Doug had fired up the kerosene heater which is remotely safe on a "good day". However, the wick was not burning right and we had a lot of fumes, and I thought if I fall asleep we are all going to die (yes, I'm dramatic that way).  So now we brace up for phase two, since usually when we get ice, we lose power.  The last big ice storm we were without power for if I am absent it is either that or I've breathed too much fumes from the kerosene heater (we purchased a new one today).  The horses are put up in the barn stalls for the night with a bucket full of very warm mash.  Cree is slurping, and Phebes is blowing bubbles her muzzle stuck in up to her nearly her eyeballs.  There will be no work for my girl until we have safe ground ---again.  ~ E.G.

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  1. See you on the other side, EG! A FB friend of mine in Indiana got freezing rain about 5, so I'm sure you're waaaay cold and dark and bored by now. Stay warm and dry.