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January 15, 2011

Long desired Zebra tights

I finally was able to get in touch with Evelyn (aka: The tights lady).  We had an initial problem coordinating our time zones as I was in bed by the time she got home from work.   So last night I stayed up a couple hours later than the norm and called her to get my 2011 tights made.  It will be a few weeks before these come in.

The persisting snow is putting the "K bash" on my lessons/clinic thing.  The folks I'm going with do not have an indoor arena, so I keep waiting for the snow pack to clear, and it has not done so yet.   So I may just have to shoot for a  clinic to focus on a couple of things that are important to me, and schedule my actual lessons for the summer months that I do not intend any LD's in July and August.  I do know that Phebes winter hiatus needs to end in a hurry as she is way to full of herself.  It takes about a half hour of longing to get her head into the right gear.  I want to have her acting like a mannerly mare before the clinic to avoid wasting time on non-issues vs. what I want to gain out of it.  I hope to put the full focus on gait transitions (happy, no pinned ears, no cranking head pissy mare stuff).  Usually I can get the curve of something fairly quickly as riding goes once I understand how to do it correctly.  I was able to work out my entire unbalanced trotting thing in one lesson, and it totally liberated me in our work from that period forward.  In this case it is a little more a horse issue than a me issue.  I can ride the canter fine when she is acting nice, but if she starts being a crab, dropping her head and shoulder, I lose confidence.  She has my number.   So that will be the big issue to work on.  Clinic first, then I can back it up with some lessons as time allows.  I may have to call in a couple of friends for some ring-side advice on my technique (oh Lida..............!  Nicole ? ).

Today LSEGH and I are enjoying the fruits of labors with lunch at The Olive Garden.  nommm nommm nommmm! ~E.G.


  1. Love, LOVE her tights! I have all kinds of different colorful selections from her. Time to order some more

  2. Get in line sister! *LOL* I'm sure hoping they are as soft as she says they are. And ZEBRA...who doesn't just LOVE ZEBRA?!

  3. How does she do on a longe line?

    I have been trying to figure out who I could get to hold a longe line for me so I could ride my horse hands free, stirrups free, to work on my own balance. Do exercises (arms up, out, twisted to the side....and so on) without having to worry about directing the horse.

    I want to do this personally because I know it will strengthen my torso and give me really great feel for what my horse's gaits are like without having that problem of losing confidence like you mentioned.

    Anyway - If Phebes will longe (stay out on a circle and not just run like a wild thing on the longe line) - I bet this would help you too. Maybe we could swap.

  4. Nicole,

    I could have her flying right with about three days of work on the longe line. Right now she is like a rocket on that thing. But if I know we are going to work I can have her settled down.

    You still planning on camping at the parks this summer? Or doing the walk/runs with the kids? I'm trying to hike a little when I can right now. The snow sure puts a K-bosh on things.

  5. If you just don't like the tights, let her know. She will do what it takes to make you happy. Her cottons are really nice. I use both, cottons, and her normal "pretty" shiny tights. I've even bought my own fabric and sent it to her, so I end up with one of a kind tights.

  6. We'll see...I so very much want to! I want to do BC one weekend in March, Salamonie in July or August, and clark sometime in the fall - try to cover all the trails in those parks. I'd like to get some Saturday trail rides in too.

    Still want to do all that!

    But wow, sometimes it feels like I'm living life, sometimes it feels like life is living me! (or something like that) Hubby says that he thinks I should be able to have a couple of nights/week to ride, but reality is that's not happening right we'll see. My horse isn't a safe "weekends only" horse, now she does very well with 2-3 rides/week....but not once/week.

    Glad you've been able to hike! It's so much fun to get out that way.

  7. Show us a picture when you get your zebra tights! I love mine. and i just got another pair of black ones at the warner springs ride that I looooooove!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond