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January 11, 2011

Indiana Cougar Kill?

Right behind these woods (my backyard) there is a logging road. My niece and I were hiking out there yesterday and came upon one of nature's crime scenes. A good sized doe, that had been attacked from above, her lower spine exposed, and eviscerated. My first thought was coyote, which usually hunt alone and target smaller prey. It is not unheard of for them to hunt in a group and bring down a deer, but unusual. The kill zone was an area about 14 feet in diameter. The little doe really put up a fight. The nature of her injuries though just did not strike me as coyote pack, and definitely not a lone coyote, which brings me to the nature of this post. I am thinking, that just perhaps...we have a big cat out back. A friend of mine lives about six miles south and she confirmed a big cat on her place by following it and casting the track, which was huge. There have been cougar sightings confirmed in a few counties in Indiana now. All I could think of today at work was the four inch snowfall, would the predator come back to its kill, and would I find tracks? So armed with cell phone and camera I hiked back out there this afternoon. More of the deer had been eaten, but nothing had been there since the snow started falling this morning. I wish I had the time and could set up a blind and just wait the thing out and confirm one in Ripley county with some nice clear tracks. It is heavenly beautiful back here when it snows, and quiet as winter death. ~E.G.


  1. Cougars are scary, but gorgeous.

  2. Interesting. Here in Northern California we know they are all over, but I've never seen any signs of a fresh kill. I think most cats drag their kill away to hide it, but it may be different behavior in your area. I did one time see just a deer leg on a trail that we'd been warned they'd seen a cougar on, and another time a very steady mare was far too suspicious of a trail (also with a recent sighting) so we took another route.

    I think it would be very cool to get a track print. Just keep your eyes out and make plenty of noise!