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January 8, 2011

Burn Horse Manure as a heating source

Of my favorite blogging buddies I can just see Funder as a do it yourself type ALL OVER THIS ONE. If not---well, I am!!!
Did you know that you can burn horse manure? That it does not cause an odor? That it is a sustainable use of that horse and all those $$$$ you put into them that comes plopping out the other end?
The method is pretty simple. You need a mold that is "brick sized." You pack the fresh moisture laden manure into the mold, (if there are wood shavings all the better) I'd use a tamping device. Pack it super tight. Once it is molded, dump out the brick, and then set the bricks in an airy but dry place for three weeks. You then have poo briquettes that can be stacked and stored like a wood pile, which can be burned in a wood burning type stove. Here's the link back just in case you think I've completely gone over edge (I'm so excited!).

Equine Compare horse poop article.

The How to:

Making the molds and packing it in.

I'm sure there are other articles in abundance out there on the topic, and do we not ALL have lovely huge mounds of the stuff each day? My two generate a full wheel barrow + of the delightful green stuff. That hay would seem far less painful to purchase knowing the bricks in turn would keep the hearth warm come winter. ~E.G.


  1. I was all excited...and then got stopped short by the requirement for a "airy dry space."


    We don't have any of those, anywhere, in the entire western half of our state, at any time. Well, maybe the inside of my mom's oven, but I'm pretty sure she won't let me use that for THIS project.


  2. Ahahaha, I'll get right on that!

  3. Airy dry space....I'm thinking we'd have to build a wood shed, uh...poop shed. I could mold the bricks in the summer, stack 'em in the shed once dried for the winter. A brick is supposed to burn longer than a comparable size peice of oak! Of course right now I don't have a wood stove, or a wood shed, but oh the possibilities. :)