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December 12, 2010

Time off for Phebes is never a good thing.

For the past three days we've been working on a lack of respect and her functioning on a totally reactionary brain.  Day one on the longe line could only be called explosive.  Rearing, mid-air roll backs, galloping, creeping into my personal space.  She has reached her critical mass for time off I'm afraid, and even though there is snow on the ground we have to be doing something about this.  So I broke out the longest longe line I have, a rope halter, a training stick and started in.  Sessions day one was pretty bad and discouraging, but I hung with it.  Day two was an improvement.  Today (day three) we had two sessions.  The morning round started off rocky, with a quick turn around.  The afternoon session was a major improvement overall.  So getting her stalled this evening I hope to be uneventful instead of the minor rebellion of last evening.  We have a few inches of fresh snow on the ground right now, with more to come in overnight.  Terrible footing to be working my horse, but I lose her mentally if I don't.    She is best when she is working hard (at least ten miles)  three days a week.  Crossing fingers that we won't have a major snowfall type of winter...~E.G.

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  1. Jacke,
    Good work with Phebes! You know her so well, and coming up with these ground sessions is a great idea.