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December 13, 2010

Product Invention Wish List

Yes...we have snow up to the pollywog ☺.  I have far too much time on my hands.  Cabin fever is beginning to set in.

 Skito pad with the poly wool blend against the horse, made without the  pockets, possibly already exists in some form or other.  Currently I use a Skito with inserts under her treed western saddle, but if I ever can afford the Eurolight I'm going to need something different that won't alter saddle fit.  Figure I can pull the inserts out of the old Skito and get some more use out of it.  I've liked that pad better than anything I've owned, and though I've tried various things I keep coming back to it.

It would be great if the maker of GOOBER GLUE adhesive and hoof pack would sell it in single use tubes.  Enough in a tube to glue on four boots with a little to spare.  I'd be very interested in trying the product with the easyboot glue on shells, but the whole caulking gun apparatus doesn't appeal to me.  My hands are small, just give me a nice fat little tube that I can squeeze it out of.

Water bottle holders that have an inner plastic sleeve to give the holder a little firmness to make sliding your bottle on the go a bit slicker.  Wider velcro tabs to fasten down with so you can stick them on the fly, instead of matching up the tiny little strips.  Even better would be something like the cages that bikers use that you just "snap" the bottle into place and the spring action holds it in.

Halter Bridles, yes these are indeed out there, but some makers are moving away from them.  I guess I want them to re-invent them so they don't ever go away completely.  I'm not a fan of the newer styles coming out.  I like the halter bridle with bit hangers.  They are easy to use, and you have less "stuff" on the horse's head.  The are also easy to change your color scheme by changing just your bit hangers! 

Beta and Biothane in patterns and colors.  Zebra print, plaid, glitter, candystripe, swirls, make it pretty for those of us who love tacky tack.  I can just see my Zebra sport reins now.

A lighter Crestridge Endurance tree for those of us whose horse fits into the Crestridge J Bar tree.  Mold it from fiberglass or some aerospace something or other, a saddle that weighs just ten pounds... just for me!  Hang at least 7 dee rings on it.

A cantle pack that is easy to zip and unzip from that awkward angle sitting in the saddle.  I find manipulating my pack while in the saddle extremely exasperating!  Seems we could make these in zebra, cheetah, bright plaids, blue, pink, and purple camo too.  Purple daisies anyone?

Easyboot Gaiters in royal blue, red, or even better the shells molded in lovely bright primary colors which make them easier to dig out of the storage box.  Almost all of my horse stuff is black and it is a sea of blackness inside my totes.

As you can see I'm really not inventing anything.  Just tweaking what I have and already like to suit my need for ease of use, better fit, or less weight to carry around.

Now back to criminal suspense (reading a book).  ~E.G.


  1. Well, goodness, what a list! LOL! Well, you might as well dream big! (And forgive my ignorance, but what is a skito pad?) Happy reading (I read mysteries too!).

  2. The Skito pad without inserts works just fine with the Specialized Euro!

    I want little sound effect chips (like they put in greeting cards) that will whistle "over the rainbow" inserted into any piece of tack that I'm likely to drop in the dark or into the shrubs.

    Purple-flame accessories, with our without skull/crossbones. You know the world needs it.

  3. Cantle bag trick - I put a long wire tie on the zipper. It is stiff enough and long enough for me to reach from either side and much better than the string I had before.

  4. Some good ideas!

    You know, Amazon sells bike water bottle holders for under $10. It'd be possible to ziptie some holders to your gear somehow...

    I support all garish tack. Especially if it's sparkly too. Zebra glitter biothane!!

    I have given up on cantle packs. Too many bad experiences. That's where I tie things I might possibly need but don't plan to access on the trail.

  5. I second biothane in patterns!

  6. Jan,

    Google search Skito pad or go up to the top of my blog and there is a link to take you to a seller that has them. They are a top of the line saddle pad with velcro pockets for a removable foam pad. When the pad gets dirty you pull out the pads, throw it in the washer on gentle and it comes out fluffly, clean, and looking NEW. My Skito has almost 2000 miles on it and looks great. When I purchased mine it cost $80 new. Now the prices have gone up to around $200 which has put them pretty well out of my reach. I own two, but one is an english woolback version that doesn't fit my western saddle. ~E.G.

  7. I like to put soft hay in my cantle bag to offer bits of it on the trail to keep her gut moving. Also feed it when I dismount to walk her in. Keep my side pockets pretty well empty in case I blow out a hoof boot I can throw it in there. Also keep an extra bottle of water in there for Phebes. She will occasionally suck down a bottle of water. She usually hits the water wall when there is none available.

    The wire is a good idea!

  8. EG, I went to the Skito pad link - they look terrific! Thanks for the clarification!