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December 4, 2010

Phebes absolutely detests my ummm "eccentric" neighbor.

It is a ritual with my little OCD mare to fixate on the neighbor's property, the neighbor, the car in the neighbor's drive way, the wood pile at the neighbor's, the neighbor's grandchildren, dogs, chickens, all of it, she HATES it.  Before she can go in her stall for the night she has to do two things, and if she doesn't get to do those two things she will commence to ferocious stall kicking.  One is she must go pee before being stalled and the other is she has to check on the dreaded neighbor, assure herself he is tucked away in his home or garage.  Once that is taken care of she will head twirl, and go into her stall peacefully.  This neighbor is given to heavy bouts of drinking, and gunfire at very inopportune moments such as when climbing on the back of a three year old filly for the first time.  My horse is intuitive, and she is smart.  Makes one wonder....~ E.G.

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  1. Smart horse. The neighbor sounds like a nightmare.