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December 24, 2010

A New Look Going Forward

I've played around with this for a couple of hours today.  Finally have settled on this look for the blog.  It is fresh, easy on the eyes to read, and represents the winds of change  and my current happy place.   It also is set up to avoid trolling and spam which will make my job easier.

I'm thankful for the support of my blog buddies.  They educate me, and keep me entertained.  What would the day be without checking in on Fee, Farley, Consolation, and Dixie? Not to mention their biped cohorts.  Oh, and Funder's chicken stories o-m-g! I love the chicken stories.   The picture of Dixie at her first LD was the high point of the year for me, it was just priceless!  While I'm on that topic, if you have been dropped from my blog list it isn't that I don't check in on you or feel your blog is of note, it is just that perhaps you are busy and not posting as often, so it shrinks my side-bar a little bit to remove inactive blogs.  I'm still interested, just doing some housekeeping.  Please don't take it to ♥.

Lida?  If you read this, please come ride with us as soon as we have the snow pack off the trails, and good road access again.  Wish I could talk my man into a big old gelding for backup rider.


  1. Christmas whinnies from Consolation to Phebes. You're always part of our day, too. :)

  2. Whoops -- I also meant to say that I love the new look! :D

  3. EG, Your new blog look is nice. I especially like your rules :).

  4. Love the new look!AND definitely want to get riding as soon as possible. I'm pretty snowed in right now. Since I don't have 4-wheel drive, I don't take the trailer out if there is any snow on the ground, since most parks don't clear their parking lots very well.

  5. Hifive, newbie buddy!

    I love the new header pic. I think grey paints are SO beautiful, and I'm glad I have a friend who likes to take pics of her. ;)