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December 23, 2010

The Calendar Year Will Soon Be Wrapping Up

The calendar year will soon be wrapped up and a New Year will await adorned in a pretty bow, just asking to be opened.  I am ever grateful for the kind and helpful people I've met in this sport, and cyber friendships of other NEWBIES who are like myself, wading into uncharted waters on their own horses of varying ability.  Some riding with purpose, and some, just riding...It is a time of reflection of both the positive and negative experiences of the past twelve months, and I hold close those positives with my little grey mare. 

If you are just now beginning your adventure into distance riding take your time, and filter any advice you recieve (including mine) through trusted sources and your own sense of what is best for your horse.  You know your horse best.  Understand that there may be people who for whatever reasons  wish you failure if you are too public in your dreams as I am.  Gently set them aside, and ride your own ride.  Be honest with yourself, and your equine friend.  And in all things, consider the source.

I'm so lucky to be doing this thing I love, even though my success may be lower than the grass.  But I see a trail perched between my little mare's ears, and it leads "somewhere" and on we'll ride, destination unclear, until we get there.

Wishing you a Christmas that is thoughtful of what the spirit of the holiday means, and a coming year that follows a trail, such as mine.

~Endurance Granny

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  1. EG, what a great way to sum up the year and look forward to what is coming ahead. Thanks for this post.