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November 30, 2010

Why Bother to Join the AERC?

If you are a member I'll bet that title sucked you right in!  If you are not a member, then this post is for you.  Below is a multitude of good reasons why you should join. Though the very best reason is the fun you will have camping and riding some really fabulous rides!  But here goes with my top "5".

#1.  The AERC is the sanctioning organization for a plentitude of wonderful Limited Distance and Endurance rides.   LD being 25-35 miles in distance, and Endurance 50-100 miles.
#2.  The AERC will track the lifetime competition miles of your horse.
#3.  The AERC will track the career miles of the rider on any horse.
#4.   The AERC has multiple award programs so that you can play the game "your way."  You want to race?  Then ride for the win and chase points where ever you can find them.  You want to ride for high mileage on your horse?   Then "to finish is to win" is your, and the AERC's motto.  Maybe you just want to see how many years that you and your horse can ride together as a team?  So shoot for the decade team award, or ride for miles to earn rider/ horse chevrons for every 250 miles of added completions.  The AERC has other awards, check them out  from the link at the AERC homepage.
#5.  The Endurance News delivered to your mailbox each month, as well as a member's directory so you can network with other riders.  The Endurance News has interesting and informative endurance related articles, vendor's advertising so you can find all that great looking and performing tack, as well as listings for upcoming rides, and ride results. 
These are just the most obvious benefits of becoming an AERC member.  So if you haven't joined yet?   JOIN UP HERE 

Oh!  And if you join because I have convinced you...let them know that Jacke Reynolds  from the midwest sent you.  Then I will have already met one of my goals for 2011☺

There are other reasons to be a member, if you are already a member, please list your's.

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  1. All very good reasons... and a big reminder that I should renew my membership.