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November 17, 2010

Confessions of a carb junkie

Breakfast: Bagel. Black Coffee.

Midmorning: 3 peanut butter cookies.

Prelunch: Feeling near terminally ill, wanting to crawl into the dark hole under my desk and die a peaceful death.

Lunch: Drug reps bring in Chicken Parmesan (pasta pasta pasta). Bread sticks.

Supper: Husband stirs up Chicken Parmesan (pasta pasta pasta)and grilled garlic bread.

It is no wonder that I can't drop weight.

How do some people clean up their diets, do the meat & veggie low carb primal paleo sort of thing? I crave carbohydrates like a junky after drugs, though they honestly make me feel bad, especially refined sugar (peanut butter cookies). It is a weakness of will and character to want so badly those things that are not good for you. My workplace is the enemy. A high stress work environment with chocolate, cake, cookies, and other assorted taboos all within easy reach from my desk. I ask them to set those things in the break room...but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They plop the opened bags of candy on my desk because I'm in a high traffic area :/ Carbs are the devil and I am possessed. ~E.G.(carb junkie)


  1. Sing it, sister! And let me join you on the chorus.

    (if anybody has helpful solutions, I'm listening too...)

  2. Hi EG (& AareneX),

    As a new Primal convert I'll chime in!

    Have a plan & have food ready to go - salad greens washed; other veggies cleaned & cut up, ready to go in salad, omlettes, or to be steamed/roasted for side dishes;
    nuts packaged for take along snacks.

    Think & plan simply, no need for fancy restaurant food, sauted or broiled meats, scrambled/boiled eggs or omlettes, raw, steamed or roasted veggies.

    Make small changes & commitments if that's your style. I decided to go grain free for 30 days with the "Marks Daily Apple" challenge in Sept. First few days were ok, fourth day I felt slightly ill, by the sixth day I knew I'd never go back I felt so good!

    Good luck!!

    ps - lost over 12lbs so far, easiest weight I've ever lost.

  3. I feel your pain. I LOVE my carbs as well. The only thing I know really works to lose weight (and keep it off) is Weight Watchers and cardio exercise.

  4. My hubby is the same way. Low carb / primal is HARD for him. I don't know how he gets the willpower to start, but once you see results it helps keep you on track.

  5. Im catching up on blogs here and saw this.. I had to post. I am a recovering carb junkie.I have been eating primal for about a year now. Carbs are killers. Sugar, grains, flour, rice, all of. Yes, that pasta tastes great, but do you usually feel bloated and stuffed to the gills after eating it? My best advice is to start researching it for yourself. One good site is My other advice is to start small, cut out one or two things at a time and go from there. It's a process but it will change your life.Good luck

  6. Hey primal buddy! I was wondering if that was your new diet too. It's awesome if you can pull it off, isn't it? :D

  7. Carbs are addictive -- literally. No question about it. They stimulate the same pleasure centers in your brain as do opiates. So rest assured, it's not just a matter of will power -- there's a very real, physical component.

    The good news is that the addiction can be broken. As others have said, keep primal food ready and be sure you're prepared to eat to satiety (no going hungry allowed!) on primal food...and that doesn't mean just carrot sticks.

    For both nutrition and satisfaction, you MUST replace carbohydrates with fat. (Natural fats, not processed ones like vegetable oils, margarine, olestra, or anything in packaged foods.) Enjoy steak, avocado, coconut milk, bacon, chicken with the skin on, etc.

    Mark's Daily Apple is, indeed, the best source for beginners. Check out his "Primal 101" information -- golden!