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November 29, 2010

Competing for LD MILEAGE

A quick question on accumulation of mileage (for chevron purposes) with AERC. 

Horse:  horse accumulates LD mileage and is awarded a new chevron every 250 miles?

Rider: rider accumulates LD mileage on any number of horses and is awarded a new chevron every 250 miles?

Regional LD mileage awards:  goes to the top mileage LD horses in a given region, with no respect to placement, correct?  Can these miles accumulate from any region?  Or must you collect the miles from your own region?  Say I decide to ride in KY, TN, or OH at some point, will those miles still count toward MY REGIONAL total?  I'm so far from possibly doing anything like a regional chase that it is ridiculous, but for the sake of dreaming....someday.....

I am pretty sure I understand it after the last tutorial given by my readers,  except for the regional thing.  My thinking is that the region where you grabbed the miles shouldn't matter since that would be prohibitive to overall ride census from region to region.

Yes, No? 


  1. You're correct on all counts. Chevrons to horse based on mileage (regardless of rider), chevrons to riders based on mileage (regardless of horse). LD awards based on miles, not points and/or placing. Your regional points accumulate from where ever you ride, regardless of the ride region, and go toward your "home" region total. For example, my mom lives in the West region and did LD rides in both the W and PS regions to qualify for her LD mileage total for the year.

  2. Yes. Yes. and Yes.

    All of your points and mileage are counted in the region you are registered in, even if none of them take place in that region. Mileage is the only thing that matters, placement and time are irrelevant.