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September 3, 2010

So the new size "0" easyboot gloves arrive...

Where once there was one, now there are four --- well, sort of. These were ordered from Valley Vet with special instructions that I only wanted the boots with new lined gaiters. I excitely open my package, popping open each individual boot box. Gaiters looking good....until the very last box. OLD STYLE GAITER. Dang it!!! So I guess one hoof will be sporting a "horsey-sock" (no longer equi-sock which is an actual product, woops). I will put that boot on a rear hoof as I have never had a rub on a hind. We are planning a longer ride tomorrow so the boots will get tested for fit and how the new gaiters perform over the long haul. I'll bring horsey-socks just in case I need to apply them at our halfway lunch break. Fall weather is supposed to happen with temps UNDER 79 degrees, I can hardly wait. Much as I dread the cold wet winter months, the two long months of hot and humid are just as bad, maybe actually worse now that I think about it. Love the cooler weather, the coming changing of color, and the earthy organic scents of FALL. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend all! ~E.G.

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