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September 5, 2010

The newer Gaiter System on the gloves

I felt my result with the new lined gaiters yesterday warranted a post of its own. The old gaiters on the gloves had a firmer trim edge and came up higher on the pastern. There was enough movement there that over the miles, especially on a horse with a very fine coat and sensitive skin rubs were a potential. I never really had a big issue with the rubs. One thirty mile ride I ended up with a rub the size of my small fingernail, superficial, but I'm sure quite uncomfortable for the horse. The new gaiter system has the tough outer shell, but is then lined with a super slick something or other that just really slides over the fur. Phebes did not have even a ruffled bit of fur under these yesterday. I feel like we are finally getting control over our booting issues for the first time. Our problems were due to her needing a half size smaller boot, better breakover, and the slick lower profile gaiters. If you have not tried the Easyboot Gloves, be sure and ask for the new gaiters on your gloves when purchasing, use the boot sizing kit, pay particular attention to hoof flares, and ride on...~E.G.

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