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June 4, 2010

Important things to know about AERC rules

To enter an LD your horse must be at least 4 years old.

To enter an endurance ride your horse must be at least 5 years old.

The offical rules and regulations for LD / Endurance may be found

Maximum ride times for Limited Distance (total time you have before being disqualified for over time)(this includes your hold time!).

25 miles = 6 hours
30 miles = 7 hours 15 minutes
35 miles = 8 hours 30 minutes

Your horse could be chosen for drug testing. The AERC is very strict on horses having substances to enhance performance, or mask illness or injury. You must be careful about supplements given as well, as some may test positive. The simple reasoning for this is that a lot is asked of an endurance horse, and if the horse cannot compete without being drugged, then the horse SHOULD NOT be competing in the first place. Some substances may give a horse an unfair advantage as well. So read the rules carefully and be sure your horse is not "using".

On a limited distance or endurance ride you are allowed to get off of your horse and walk if needed (most Competitive Trail Rides do not allow the rider to go forward unless ON THE HORSE).

General considerations, sportsmanship, and courtesy. If at a water stop on the trail, don't take off if another person is watering their horse unless they tell you it is okay to go (ask first). The reason is it may upset the horse left standing and inhibit drinking when they really should be drinking. If the rider says no problem, head on out. If you come up behind someone and want to pass, ask permission to pass and let them know on which side you will be passing (such as "passing on the left"). If your horse is a kicker, or does not like crowded by other horses put a red ribbon in its tail to alert other riders. Even though Phebes has not offered to kick for a long time I still am inclined to put a ribbon in her tail, just in case. If you encounter a rider stopped and off their horse ask if they need assistance. It may be you next time! Please do not leave trash on the trail or in ride camp...pack out what you pack in.

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