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May 14, 2010

This was too good to not share....Mustang Sally


  1. I love this video - shows how playful and how much fun you can have with your horse. How did you know that this is my ultimate goal. I think Doc & I will work on this over the summer. Should be a piece of cake. Maybe we can show off at a fall ride. ;-)


    I don't think I have the know how and talent to quite achieve this level of horsemanship, but Doc & I have some nice things going on at liberty. And I'm always looking for new ideas. I love how he taught a horse to push him up onto another horse bareback. Now that had to be a challenge to teach. And I LOVE how he had the horse do the "wave" at the end by putting their necks over the next horse's shoulder/back.


  2. I think somebody needs to write a romance novel with this fellow as the romantic lead. Hothothothot.

    I wish I could ride like that. Sigh.

    Heck, I wish I could vault up onto a horse's back like that! (Fee would let me, but my antigrav engines aren't strong enough to lift my cargo bay quite that high...)

  3. I love the at liberty stuff. You find out how much your horse really respects you at liberty!

  4. Aarenex,

    OH....I can do that, I just do it in reverse. I start on top of the horse and then end up on the ground :-/

    Yes, something very appealing about a man who has a way with horses. The free riding segment I did regularly when I was in my twenties, arms spread like a bird...flying, across the field at full throttle (helmetless of course, and stupid too) it was an adrenaline rush on the little mare.