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May 2, 2010

Our first ride in the rain

Yes...I'll admit it, I'm rain adverse. Don't like swimming, and about the only time I enjoy being soaking wet is in a hot shower with something soapy from Bath & Body Works. But I was five miles short on conditioning this week, and won't have time to ride tomorrow because I'm picking up my grandkids from school. It was pretty overcast this morning and I pulled on some tights and thought darn it...I'm gonna ride. We are back in knee deep to a pollywog mud again, and training those different muscle groups by sliding down moogoo hills, and suddenly the heavens open and here comes the rain. Did I mention I'm wearing my Garmin, glasses, and a sleeveless tank top? Phebes begins to do a version of long and low that is totally unrelated to any training discipline other than "MAKE THE RAIN STOP RUNNING DOWN HER NOSE." I discovered that if we trot in the rain she she also gives the lovely imitation...I had a pretty good time! I'm pretty sure my Garmin survived the deluge, though I'm going to carry a little ziplock bag in my pack next time and a rubber band to be sure we keep the rain out. A case for my glasses would be a good idea too, or tiny little windsheild wipers with a defrost setting.

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  1. I used to ride a horse who would tip his head sideways--at the trot--when it rained. I finally figured out that he hated to get water in his right ear. The left ear, shrug. I guess that one didn't matter so much.

    He did at least half of a rainy 75-miler once with his head tipped.

    I have a kayaker's "beak" that velcros to my helmet and keeps the rain off my face. Recommended.