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April 2, 2010

Hoping the day works out for a ride...

The weather has been so beautiful this week. The forecast has it really warming up, so Phebes is going to need the shedding blade used on her again to try and loosen up and remove some of that remaining winter fuzz.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays I barely get to see my girl because of my work schedule, but last night I had enough daylight left to walk out and look her over. Her weight has rebounded in just two days. Much of what she lost must be fluids, otherwise a couple days wouldn't fill her back out.

Today I may just try some schooling, use some different muscle sets on her, work her little Pheber brain, and have just a nice solid hour of intense "thinking" kind of work. One day over the weekend we'll need a trail ride, and to work on her trot and DO NOT BREAK GAIT. The ground is actually drying up here so I might be able to ride without her hind legs slipping all over the place! Better look at the weather and see if I need to switch my days around, as I want to ride a drier trail for the first time this year.

I'm still undetermined in which day I will attempt to ride at Chicken Chase. Friday is 30 miles (vs. 25 the other two days) and much tougher terrain, but a way smaller pool of riders which I like as there is less activity to stress her emotionally on the trail. Saturday is chaotic with the most riders on the trail and the LD group can be huge. Sunday again is less crowded, and a trail that she has been over several times now. Decisions, decisions......

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  1. I would also wait until you see the weather forcast. And use that to help determine your day.'