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April 11, 2010

As of yesterday's mail I have officially joined DBDR

I'm only to be an associate member since I'm not tracking points with AHA, and just want to collect our mileage and feel some sense of accomplishment. The Indiana club is defunct, and even though there was a treasury nobody was willing to lead it. Nice bunch of people over at DBDR (Daniel Boone Distance Riders) I'm told, so we have signed on. Hope they will take me *LOL* ~Endurance Granny


  1. Good club. Nice to have yah!

    Have you heard of White Water? I assume it's a state park in IN. My neighbor went there yesterday. Said she took SR 1. I believe she said it's near Liberty. I really have no idea where that is. She is always disappointed with Versailles because it is always muddy. But she said White water had small gravel wide trails thru the woods. You could really move out on them.

    Let me know if you've heard of it or rode there before.


  2. I've driven up there in my car before. My understanding is it is a flat trail that goes around the lake. It is a long uphill drive for me, about an hour and a half +, I'd drive to Clark first as it is an easier drive and just as close! But for a novelty it would be a fun place to go and see the sights.