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Discipline: LD/Endurance, CMO, Trail Rider, Cartoonist, Writer, Co-Director/ Green Bean Endurance

April 17, 2010

And more ride photos

While I'm here I want to brag on Doug. He made it happen for me this weekend. With the away check, and some of our difficulties he was a great 1-Man crew, helped me set up camp, and was my ride photographer as well. I am LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY that my man cares that this adventure makes me happy, and is so supportive of our process. ~E.G.

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  1. Phoebes looks amazing. I've always kind of wanted a grey paint, and she's perfect. She looks just grey until you sponge her, then she's this amazingly striking paint!

    And you don't look anything like a granny. I remember when I saw you with the Easycare check, I thought "Wow that's a granny?!"