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March 1, 2010

We are slogging again.

4.6 miles, slow, deep footing alternating between sloggy mud, or snow and sloggy mud underneath. The uphills were okay, but the downhills were treacherous. I had to think myself a way to get back home since the hill we went up...there was no coming back down unless it was on a sled :/

The little turd decided to lay down with me in the snow and roll. I had one leg half stuck under her, got that yanked out, then I had to make her stop afraid she'd bust the tree on our only saddle that works for both of us. She was mad at me...and uh....I wasn't amused either, but nobody or nothing tore up, so I guess it was a good ride. Heck! At least we got out of the barn, which is a major improvement. Her huffing and puffing sure made me wonder if we can actually pull this thing together by April (at any speed).



  1. Glad you finally got back out there!

    I didn't ride as much as I wanted to this weekend, for lack of baby-sitters and taxes. Saturday Allen worked on taxes all day. His parents had about a 3 hour window to watch the kids for me in the afternoon. I took Shazam out for a long ride. Went out where you and I rode, up that hill and then on down the road 2 more miles to a closed dirt road. That seems similiar to the one behind my property. According to google maps it's a mile long. I rode down it a little ways but it was very snow covered and I had boots on Shazam. (his first ride in them!) Plus, I wanted to make sure I made it home in time. According to Google maps we went about 11.5 miles. This is the farthest he's gone and he was tired when we got back. He dragged me to the water trough and proceeded to drink for a good ten minutes. Thought he'd drown! (he's very good at drinking and I should have stopped along the trail to let him drink. Bad me. Next time I'll learn!)

    Sunday Allen watched the girls for me in the afternoon and I took Stormy out along the same route. I tried to get her to drink on the way back but she wouldn't. I even took off her bridle and begged. But no!. She did drink when she got back. And did the distance much faster than Shazam, which should be expected!

    Can't wait until the snow melts good so I can try out my new find!

    Feel free to come out anytime. I will slow down for you, you know it!


  2. Impressive! I am lucky to take Doc out for about 30-60 minutes of play time in a very small arena. FUN! But not much of a workout. I think the most we've done in the last 2 months is bareback in the snow for 2 miles. It will be August before we are ready for a ride at this rate. :-)