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February 8, 2010

More snow moving in so we snuck in a quick ride

It was slow going through the five inches of snow, and of course you don't know what you are stepping on or in underneath. So walking was the flavor of the day. Too slick to do otherwise. We went down part of our road twice and she was pretty good about that. The wet followed by snow has brought down a tree on our trail network, and another is leaning precariously....will probably come on down after tomorrow's snow, so that will cut me out of one side of the small loop I work unless I can carve out a little hand cut trail around it. Phebes was pretty good for the most part and it was so pretty with the heavy snow on everything. So at least I logged one ride this week albeit a short one (1 hour). ~E.G.


  1. I am looking forward to the time when a short ride = 1 hour!

    Our last ride was a little over half that, and both the horse and I were ready to be done, physically!

    I'm looking at being ready for loop A around 2/27.

  2. I popped on Doc for 15 minutes on Sunday - bareback. Walked him through the snow drifts and did a little trot/canter on the packed snow. I think he got more workout in those 15 minutes than he has for about a month. The snow had drifted to about 2-3 feet in some places and he was huffing to get through it. Can't wait to get out there this weekend - hoping the snow is drier and better footing so we can pull some people around on sleds & skis. :-)