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February 13, 2010

I am gratified in some of the little changes

Phebes has had a lot of down time of late with the snow, my car calamity, and the ongoing cold. I have to hand it to Nicole and Michelle that they have got any ride time in at all. Too much paranoia on my part that in the slippery footing my girl will take a wrong step, and we'll be out for injury again. But I've noticed something wonderful of late that I never thought would ever happen. Phebes is beginning to seek me out. Almost anytime I go out she is attentive to what I'm doing, where I'm going, and not at all unusual for her to come up to the fence actually wanting my attention. We can now not ride for a week or two weeks, and she retains her saddle savy. I'm not having to re-train over, and over, and over. It is a wonderfully gratifying change of events. I think my girl is feeling good too. She has her weight back (took two weeks of chow and downtime) and has been entertaining herself by cantering in the snow which is a lovely sight to see. She is looking more like her mama, not as much of a dish in her profile, but her soft eye and tippy ears. Strangely she has starting mimicking some of her mama's behaviors that she didn't do before like head twirling when she doesn't like something, pulling hay out of her rack to throw all over her stall for a comfy bed, and the one I love is scuba diving and blowing bubbles in her beet pulp mash. Wish I could record the sound of that and use it as a ring tone it is so funny!

My car will live to see another day. It did not sustain any actual body damage other than a loosened trim. The vibration in the steering wheel was caused by snow that was impacted up into the front wheel. Our mechanic pulled that off and cleaned it out and it is driving okay now. I do think I may have loosened something on the exhaust as the car is a little noisier than before though not terrible. So I'm out for car rental, storage while it was the autobody place after the tow pending an adjuster to look it over, and the fix for the front wheel, and loss of three days wages as I was snowed in and couldn't get a rental until they lifted the level 3 snow emergency. All in all, I think I was lucky to come out this good after sliding into a steep deep ditch, with the car leaning on its passenger side. Could have been a whole lot worse. I might even be inspired to clean the darn thing sometime this week...but then, maybe not. *LOL*


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  1. Glad the car survived! And I'm glad Phebes is enjoying your company - she reminds me of Dixie, kind of distrustful and standoffish. Or the way Dixie used to be; she's opened up too.