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February 23, 2010

Electrolyte Syringe Part 3

PHEBES: Up down OH! That's the yummy stuff! Well come on....I'm waiting!

Slurp slurp slurp slurp.

(Enter the evil E.G. who brought wormer paste out this time)

PHEBES: OH!!! More yummy stuff...well hurry up....I like this stuff.

(E.G. squirts her with a full dose of nasty old wormer)

(E.G. has handy yummy syringe ready and squirts yummy syringe before she can figure out she didn't really like that much)

PHEBES: Now that's the ticket! Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp (and even licked her lips I swear!)

We then proceeded to you are going to get a shot. See the tiny syringe? Her eyes got kind of big. I tapped at her neck in various places including where blood is drawn and sedation is giving. I stab her with the needle-less tiny syringe multiple times and she could care less. Now if I can just talk my vet into ME giving her her shots I'll be in good shape. But we still have to get that nasty Coggin's drawn if we ever want to leave Indiana.


  1. My vet is glad when I want to give my own shots. I usually do. I'm sure yours would let you. Have you ever done it before though? That first shot is a little hard. My sister (a nurse) said to practice on an orange first. Then just pretend the neck is the orange and in it goes! Sometimes it helps to pinch the horse lightly, close to where you are going to give the shot. Not so much that it hurts but enough so that she feels it and is okay with that and won't even feel the shot going in.


  2. Yeah, I can give the shots. Have given a lot of them to my Mom and have done the vaccinations before. Just want to make sure that if I do it, it is recorded that she has them in case we ever DO go out of state.

    Do you know the date for Kentucky Die Hards this year? How does the ride stack up compared to Corydon in difficulty? Any cliffs to fall off of ? *LOL* I'm batting around the idea of trying that one for our first 50 as temps will be cooler and Phebes is definitely a cool weather horse. I'll probably want to hook up with a turtle for my first 50 if I can find one.


  3. KY Diehards is at the Shaker Village in Harrodsburg. From what I understand it is not a difficult course. I would definately use that for a first 50 if you can. That one and Pyramid Challenge at the KY horse park are 2 of the less challenging, close by rides that we have. Not as hilly, more field and grassy riding. I have not rode either one personally but have wanted to and listened to others that have.

    I did a 30 mile LD at Big South Fork (2005)and it wasn't very hilly, to my surprise. It was all thru the woods but mostly flat. Don't know about the 50 there though. It was only a 4 hour drive from NKY.


  4. Jonna, I approved your post but don't see it here and thought sure it was on this one. I'd be interested in knowing how you handle the blood draw with your boy..because it is sure a rodeo here. I have to tie her up, and she is fighting and pulling and jumping around. As a matter of fact as soon as she "smells" the vet she starts auto-longing around and around on her lead rope. I can do just about anything I want with her if I am persistent enough, but she has the vets number.

  5. Michelle,

    I just thought of one down side to Ky Die Hards, and that would be daylight. A person would be doing a lot of that one in the dark, since they hold it in December. That still might not be enough to deter me, but not sure if I'd get motion sick. Know I can't hike in the dark without getting "ick". It is all going to depend on how well she handles the LD this year. I wasn't impressed with her last year. She keeps improving in many ways, but some troublesome things are hanging on. This will hopefully be the summer to work through eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, gut sounds, electrolyting, and taking it slow. The goal is to slow down MORE than last year which is really hard for me. Not a speed demon at all, just don't really enjoy going turtle slow too much. My thoughts are if I can work her through her emotional issues this year, get those miles on her, and the exposure, perhaps next year we can pick up the pace a little bit.