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February 12, 2010

Back to work today

Finally managed to get a rental car in the driveway. Looked at my car yesterday and it doesn't look too bad actually. We were told it is pulling to the right, so I need to get that looked at, and go from there. Missed most of my hours at work this week, which is not a good thing! Was saving those hours to take off for an endurance ride. Back to work today for a half day, then need to run some errands for my Mom. The news is we are going to be getting MORE SNOW.

Oh happy day...

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  1. Allen and I rode last night. He rode Jazz and I rode Shazam. That horse is quite a handful the first 15 minutes! He prances and will not walk. And thru that deep snow it's really bouncy. We barely left the barn when Jazz almost fell down going thru a snow drift that came up to her belly. We just rode thru our property and down and back that closed road. Shazam was prancey and snorty and even kicked out one time. Not sure if it was at Jazz or just because he was so frisky. After the buck he started behaving more like a civilzed horse. We didn't ever do more than a trot just in some places. And the horses came back in breathing heavy and all steamed up.

    The one good thing I've decided about this snow is that you can double your mileage in this deep of a snow. Riding 3 miles, is like riding 6, according to the horses!