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January 17, 2010

Weather moving in so change of ride plans

Lida called this morning and opted to stay near Indy to ride because they had no chance of rain. The odds were about 50/50 here, so I advised her to have fun and we'd meet up another day when the weather was more optimal. So I saddled up and took Phebes for some very slick hill climbing. We worked hills for about an hour, and then walked in home about a quarter mile down the road. She was much more cautious on the road than yesterday when she had company, but at least she didn't spook or balk. She just walked along looking for boogers in the trees. It gave me another opportunity to test out the Cobra walkie/talkies and I'm thinking they will really make my solo riding much less stressful. I can only reach LSEGH from the hilltops, but if he knows my ride plan route and we figure how long a fast loop takes (when the footing is better) I can key him a tone everytime I complete a lap. Then if he doesn't hear from me for a certain length of time he knows I may be having an issue out there (or my battery went dead *LOL*).

It is WONDERFUL to be back out riding again. ~E.G.

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