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January 29, 2010

Visualize: The Thinker

Yes, that would be me still on down time due to single digit temperatures, and when we do reach a heat wave in the twenty degree range the wind is blowing. So, I'm still sidelined. Hence I'm thinking about Phebes, where she is at in this entire process. I've been formulating my 2010 ride plan on a YEAR TWO horse. The more I think of that I feel it is unfair to Phebes to peg her into goals relating to year two, when she only completed two rides in 2009 with a 50/50 outcome. Though she has a thousand trail miles, she continues to lack confidence, and continues to be a very reactive emotional horse (ie. "it is raining and I can't cope so I'm going to rear and kick my stall" or "I'm not moving forward on the trail because that stick was pointed the other direction last time.") Though bones, muscles, tendons have had a good year one foundation, it is her little pea brain that I'm concerned about. With this in mind I'm going to try to beat my slowest time (meaning finishing even farther down in the pack) instead of my fastest time on the next ride we do. On the other hand, I do want to continue picking up the pace in training which should make the ride itself easy for her, and perhaps if her body isn't stressing she can become more centered mentally. Since I'm still building my horse, placement really doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

Just finished a crochet shuffling off for some zzzzzzzzzzz's. ~E.G.

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